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Four Non-hunting Uses For Your Trail Camera

It’s no secret that the primary function of trail cameras is to help hunters find and pattern game, but what else can they be good for? 
A lot, actually, and the applications are only governed by your creativity. Here are a few non-hunting scenarios for your trail cam that may get your creative juices flowing.

Capturing Natural Processes
The time lapse feature on the Olymbros T3 is perfect for photographing natural events that happen over time. Be sure to get the lighting, framing, and time intervals right for the particular phenomenon you want to record. For starters, you could mount your camera over a bird’s nest and watch the hatchlings develop. Have a reliable honey hole for morel mushrooms? Set your camera to record their magical appearance. Blooming flowers, snow accumulating, and caterpillar metamorphosis are other potential time-lapse subjects.


Solving Mysteries
Like Bigfoot…or more likely, what’s been getting into your garbage cans at night and spreading trash all around your yard (hopefully not Bigfoot). The neighborhood dogs and cats won’t get off so easy, nor will their owners, when you have photo proof of their nighttime escapades. Since most of these pictures will likely come at night, take a few test photos to ensure the IR flash is sufficient to light up the target area.

The Secret Life of Pets
Ever wonder what Fido does when you leave for work? Does he jump up onto the couch like he’s not supposed to? Does your cat turn on the TV and watch The Price is Right? Find out by setting your T3s around the house in areas of interest. Maybe you’ll have a whole lot of nothing on the cameras, or maybe you’ll find out that you’re pets lead an entirely different life when you’re gone.

Keeping Tabs
If you’ve got even a little property, then you’ve probably experienced a little trespassing. Keep tabs on who (and what) is coming onto your property with T3s setup at entrance points. If possible, aim the cameras low enough to capture the license plate on the vehicle as it rolls up. Also, take extra precautions to conceal the cameras so they’re not noticed (and then stolen) by the individuals. Having clear pictures of trespassers caught in the act can be an invaluable tool to law enforcement as they work to determine who the guilty party is.

Are there more uses for your T3 trail camera outside the scope of hunting? Sure, but figuring out what they might be is part of the fun…so we’ll leave that up to you.

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