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Do Your Trail Camera Pictures Suck?

If so, you’re not alone, and your frustration is not without warrant. It takes time to hang cameras, makes sure they have fresh batteries and SD cards with enough space, not to mention the opportunity cost of not truly knowing what’s walking around your property. If you hang T3s, you want to see what passes in front of them and there are things you can do to help.


Four Ways You Can Prevent Your Trail Cameras From Getting Stolen 

Hunt long enough and it will happen; your trail cam (along with your hard-earned dollars) will walk out of the woods. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but there are things you can do to minimize the risk of your trail camera disappearing. Here are four simple steps that’ll make it less likely your trail camera goes missing in action.


Lithium Ion or Alkaline? Does It Really Matter For Your Trail Camera?

Today’s hunter has two main choices when it batteries in their devices, alkaline or lithium. Based on sticker price alone, the answer may seem clear as to which is the better option. AA alkalines run under a dollar a piece while lithiums clock in around $1.70 per battery, but there’s more to performance than price. 


Four Non-hunting Uses For Your Trail Camera

It’s no secret that the primary function of trail cameras is to help hunters find and pattern game, but what else can they be good for? 
A lot, actually, and the applications are only governed by your creativity. Here are a few non-hunting scenarios for your trail cam that may get your creative juices flowing.


Should You Worry About Scent on Your Trail Camera

If you’re on doe patrol or shooting a younger buck, a little human scent may actually serve as a curiosity attractant bringing them in for a close up photo. Does and young bucks will eventually accept the new device quickly and it will not alter their travel patterns.


The Big Picture Your Trail Cameras Can't Take

A thin strip of oaks spanning 80 yards wide linked two larger timber lots on one of my bowhunting properties. From all accounts, this was the definition of a funnel…but I never got much on my trail cameras there so I avoided hunting it. Deep inside, I always had this gnawing sense that something was wrong, that there ought to be deer moving through there. 


Three Trail Camera Setups You've Probably Never Considered (But Should!)

Mature bucks are spooky. Wary. They don’t suffer fools and your standard trail cam tactics may not be enough to fool an old boy into posing for the camera. To get a big buck in frame, you’ve got to re-conceptualize how and where you use your camera.

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