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Z3 Trail Monitor - Old Camo Watch Version - Outdoor Security Alert System

Z3 Trail Monitor - Old Camo Watch Version - Outdoor Security Alert System

$189.99 Regular Price
$129.99Sale Price


  • 【Description】

    1. Reliable Detecting Range: 120° vertical and horizontal wide detecting angle and 65ft./20m long detecting distance for the sensors. The communication range (maximum distance from the sensors to the receiver watch) is up to 650ft./200m to keep you informed and safe.
    2. Extremely Dependable: Comes with 3 camo motion sensors and 1 receiver daily watch. The sensors use infrared (PIR) technology to detect motions and surveil a designated area. This alarm system kit works effectively as a hunter safety system, hunting alarm, camping alarm, burglar alarm, and house/warehouse/yard/driveway security system. It can also be your best choice for hunting accessories and security systems. Transmitters come with a long-lasting battery life, supported by a 9V battery.
    3. Real-time Alarm: The security sensor detects motions and immediately sends signals to the receiver. There are three adjustable alarm mode choices: VIBRATE/SOUND(BEEP)/LED FLASH. The multifunctional design of the receiver watch (can also be your daily watch) allows you to wear and receive alerts much more easily at any time.
    4. No Blind-Zone in 360°: You can connect up to 100 sensors to 1 receiver watch. You can also link multiple receiver watches to the same sensor; in this way, NO BLIND-SPOTS in 360°is ensured. Also, the receiver watch will show the serial number (each sensor has a different serial number, which is set by yourself) as it receives the signal from the sensors.
    5. 100% Guarantee: The product has reached IP54 waterproof standard. It has been tested through thick forestry, hail storms, gusty winds, heavy rains, scorching heat, and snow conditions. ONE-YEAR AFTER-SALE Manufacturer's Warranty is included. We offer knowledgeable and friendly tech support that will help you both before and after your purchase. 
  • 【Olymbros Z3 Trail Monitor】

    Olymbros Z3 Trail Monitor uses multiple devices to monitor motion up to 650’ away from your location and alert you before the target comes within range. Each set includes 3 sensors and 1 receiver wristwatch (additional sensors and receivers can be purchased and added) offering NO-BLIND zone coverage for your outdoor activities and indoor properties.

    • Long Range Motion Activated
    • Three Adjustable Alarm Modes
    • Real-Time Alarm
    • No Blind-Zone in 360°
    • Reliable Security System
    • Muti-functional Device
    • Super Easy to Set Up
    • Keep You Safe All The Time

    【Super Easy to Set Up】

    1. ​ Place the transmitter on a tree approximately 3 - 9ft. high at a slight downward angle.

    • It can also be placed outside your house/campsite/yard/garage to detect the surrounding environment, which helps keep you safe.

    2. Add Pairing: Connecting the transmitter and receiver hunting watch.

    • ​You can connect up to 100 transmitters to a receiver watch. You can also link multiple receiver watches to the same transmitter.

    3. The watch receiver receives a transmit signal after the transmitters are  activated. ​


    PAY ATTENTION: The Battery life of the watch depends on how often it receives the signals.



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